If you are into plants and greens, you know that there are many benefits that the lawn provides to you and your house. First, it adds to the curb appeal of the house, enticing more guests, visitors, or house buyers in the future. Second, it provides more relaxation when you want to have an outdoor experience due to the cold breeze that it provides to you and the environment. The more you have greens, the cooler the surroundings can be. Third, it can make you more relaxed and less stressed. In fact, according to some research, a community that has more greens are more proactive and less stressed. However, when it comes to your lawn and garden, you need to take into consideration the irrigation system for maintenance and regular watering. Irrigation system Nanaimo is able to provide you good irrigation system installation that you need. 

When choosing a watering system, there are several factors you need to consider such as preserving water, the efficacy of the design, and the maintenance of the irrigation system. The last thing would be the cost of installation.  

The following are the number of systems of irrigation you can install in your house: 

1.Drip irrigation system – this system has been becoming more and more popular in residential houses and commercial buildings. They’re very ideal even in non-turf areas. The water is applied by drops in a slow consistent manner. This provides regular watering of the plants that are needed for their growth.  

2.Rotor systems – this watering system is more efficient than spray heads (another kind of water irrigation system for lawn and yard), this system allows for more water loss due to evaporation. This system has two different styles: first, impact, and second, stream. These two are very effective in covering larger areas where the lands need to be applied water uniformly.  

3.Spray Systems – spray system of irrigation is one of the most traditional irrigation systems used in different spaces, most especially residential spaces. Most of the traditional sprinkler use spray heads. These heads can be on the ground level or some popped up and some on extended pipes. These sprays can also be in different styles and shapes and each has its different function and features. This system is the most common system used for turfs, grass, and flowerbeds. This is because they are very ideal for flat surfaces. Although there is one con to this kind of system: it can waste water too much. So, it is important to be careful installing and make sure that the system is properly installed and maintained.  

4.Soaker hoses – this system lets the water ooze through a porous membrane of the hose. These hoses are very ideal for water plants that need deep watering. You can bury these hoses under the soil along with the roots. This system is relatively easy to install and use and can be very effective in providing deep root watering.  

If you are planning on having a garden or improving your lawn and yard, planting greens can be a very effective way to add aesthetics as well as to provide you with health benefits. Of course, choosing good water irrigation is a step you need to take.