Asbestos is always present in all residential and commercial buildings. It is something that has always been existing form the construction materials. In fact, it is one of the essential materials for construction. However, unless the buildings are old, or there are events that have shaken the building like earthquakes, asbestos will remain to be hidden behind walls.  

Asbestos removal Victoria has been sought for by many different homeowners since it has been proven that asbestos can cause different illnesses even leading to fatal ones. Not just residential houses; commercial and industrial buildings also call for services that remove asbestos in their vicinity. If you are planning on hiring one, you need to check first if it is going to be worth it. This is why self-checking and identifying signs of asbestos in your home can be very helpful to know you need a removal service. 

The following are the parts of the house that you need to be aware of since these materials can be infested and may contain asbestos in them. It is important to do the checking of these materials: 

1.Vinyl Tiles – vinyl tiles may contain more asbestos compared to other flooring or tiling materials. Therefore, it becomes important that you constantly check your vinyl flooring because your home might have vinyl tiles flooring since this material has been very popular in residential spaces since the 1980s. Rechecking is important especially when you bought an old house.  

2.Date of the construction – the most effective way of determining if whether or not you need an asbestos checking services is identifying the date of construction of the house. Also, it is important that you identify of the construction materials that have asbestos on it. If the home is built before the 1980s, there are bog chances that your house or building has asbestos, and you need an asbestos removal service.  

3.Ceiling tiles – old ceiling tiles, there are still chances that they contain asbestos.  

4.Roofing sheet – there are many kinds of roofing materials in your house that you need to be aware of. However, most flat corrugated roofing sheets contain asbestos. There are many types of asbestos and the most common one, the white asbestos, is commonly found on these kinds of sheets. When exposed to asbestos for a longer time and with a high level of it, you may develop Mesothelioma cancer and other serious illnesses.  

The following are the technological device that can detect asbestos. They are often used by the professional services that remove asbestos in buildings: 

1. Magnetic Field – this is an advanced technology that uses lasers and magnets to detect asbestos and their fibers in the wall and air. This may even include detecting it from different construction materials in the house. Even if the air has a lower amount of asbestos, it still can detect it.  

2.Traditional Microscopy – this is the most convenient way of identifying asbestos in the building. They collect samples of the construction material and put it in the lab to be able to study. After some experimentation, they would be able to detect if the construction material sample contains asbestos.